Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Cream to powder foundation

Cream-to-Powder Foundation
This foundation make me look more natural, the color is suit for my skin , it won't make me look too fair as my body skin is quite dark . It is very soft powder as well. Every time i use it, i can apply easily and save my make up time .

Besides that, light refracting spherical pigments visually detract from flaws. It cover my pigment and cover a little face wrinkle also. After using this foundation you won't feel sticky, even after a fews hours , your face won't feel too oily.It may help to control some oily part of your face especially the forehead and the nose.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dr Diet

Dr Diet
is a Moderately Low Calorie Diet (MLCD) meal replacement that is designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintenance programme. It contains nutritional ingredients such as Supro® Soy Protein Isolate, 25 essential vitamins and minerals, and also an excellent source of calcium and anti-oxidants. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners, lactose or cholesterol and is low in fat. Dr Diet is suitable for anyone including people who are over weight, normal weight, under weight, and even vegetarian.

I have a friends who was having the over weight since she was studying primary school , she feel very unsatisfied with her body weight for many years, she has try many others slimming products however , most of it did not reduce her weight effectively. She even try to eat lunch only every day. At the end , she has the stomach gastric problem and suffer the stomach pain badly...She was very regret of doing this. After a fews months, her friends told her to try the Dr Diet, then she try on it.At the first fews weeks , the result is not so effective however , after one month, she had reduced 3 kg something successfully . Then she continue using the product and finally, she has become a slim and beautiful girl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



A ready-for-use mask treatment with all sealed-in active whitening properties of natural extracts.

Concentrated essence that prevents sun-exposure pigmentation and freckles as well as revitalises skin. As melanin reduces and phases out, skin’s condition improves and lightens up with visible fairness and translucence.

My mum has started using this product recently, she is just started for two months only however she found out this product is useful and effective to her.When she was young, she always need to help my grand mum to reap the crop and plantation.Every day , she need to expose to the sun and they are poor last time, so they don't have much money to buy the the sun block and the skin care products. Therefore,she has many melanin on her face and pigmentation problem.she has look for many others brand product, but she found out it is useless, it did not have a good result. However, after she use this whitening, she found that her it has whitens the melanin and reduce the pigmentation.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Elysyle Eye Contour Essence

Elysyle Eye Contour Essence is an innovative dual-action eye care that works to lighten dark circles and reduce fine lines around eye area while acting as a make-up base to conceal imperfections and project radiant looking eyes.

My secondary friends used this product last fews month ago, she told me that this eye cream is effective ,after 3 weeks she used this eye cream she found that her eye dark circle are reducing gradually and she look more youthful and refreshing .Previously, she always feel that her eye is not beautiful as she has a very dark circle, and her eye cause her appearance look gloomy and no energy .Some of her secondary friends even deride her , then she become unsociable and lack of confident ;but after she use this product her self confident increasing and social with more friends.

Monday, March 30, 2009

O'Taka Enzyme

Win O'Taka Enzyme is a product originally from Hokkaido, Japan, 70 years in history of trusted tradition recipe. It is an all-natural enzyme drink extracted from more than 50 kinds of organically-grown vegetables and fruits, seaweed, herbs and mushrooms. It is rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibre and botanical goodness to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption.

Taking Win O’Taka Enzyme can ensure that we optimise the nutritional value of the food that we consume. In fact, Win O’Taka Enzyme is essential for people who desire good health and vitality. My father have been suffered the Gastralgia sickness for many years already.When he was young, he always no consume the foods on time , therefore it has caused my father gastralgia for at least twenty years and above.My mother was worried about my father condition and advice my father to consume this products.Amazingly, it has lower the pain level of the gastric and the number of the recrudesce of sickness have been reduce as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dr-Xeniji is an enzyme catalyst that helps to activate action of body enzymes to promote healthy metabolism.

My aunt underwent a medical check-up in year 2000 for the purpose of taking up a life insurance policy, but found that her liver had enlarged by 2 cm. Her application for the insurance was hence declined. Last year, she did another test but the results showed that the size of her liver had remained at 16 cm. The doctor informed her that there was no medication available for the illness, the only way to improve the condition was exercise, but she didn't listen to his advise.

Since January in this year, she has been taking 1 sachet of DR-XENIJI daily.Then, On the month of March , she had another medical check-up done in a specialist hospital and it showed that the size of her liver has reduced from 16 cm to 14 cm.Therefore, the doctor confirmed that her liver size has return to normal.