Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dr-Xeniji is an enzyme catalyst that helps to activate action of body enzymes to promote healthy metabolism.

My aunt underwent a medical check-up in year 2000 for the purpose of taking up a life insurance policy, but found that her liver had enlarged by 2 cm. Her application for the insurance was hence declined. Last year, she did another test but the results showed that the size of her liver had remained at 16 cm. The doctor informed her that there was no medication available for the illness, the only way to improve the condition was exercise, but she didn't listen to his advise.

Since January in this year, she has been taking 1 sachet of DR-XENIJI daily.Then, On the month of March , she had another medical check-up done in a specialist hospital and it showed that the size of her liver has reduced from 16 cm to 14 cm.Therefore, the doctor confirmed that her liver size has return to normal.

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