Sunday, March 8, 2009

Win IG6

Win IG6 Colostrum is collected within the first 6 hours upon the birth of the calf. It is the only true colostrum that offers maximum strength. This all-natural food is 100% pure and 100% organic, offering the highest source of immunoglobulin which is highly beneficial to our bodies. Win IG6 Colostrum provides a perfect balance of both Immune and Growth Factors, necessary to activate more than 50 processes in the body, ranging from immunity to regeneration and growth of all cell types. To cater for individual preference, Win IG6 Colostrum is available in capsule, and tablet forms.

I have consume IG6 for a fews month , i will only consume it when i feel i need it. I found that this product is very effective especially during my period time , i found that the IG6 can help to reduce my stomach pain and you can experience the amazing result after an half hour like that .it was incredible..


  1. So amazing!!! I need to buy it coz sometimes i also got stomach pain and lack of exercise....Where can buy this product???

  2. i heard that IG6 can help to whiten our body tone? is that true?